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Sexual Harassment and Assault – Response and Education

Cornell data

2017 Cornell Survey on Sexual Assault and Related Misconduct

In our ongoing effort to learn about student experiences — both undergraduate and graduate/professional — with sexual assault and other forms of misconduct, Cornell conducted a survey in Spring 2017. This is the second such survey to measure students’ knowledge of Cornell’s policies, procedures, and resources and their experiences of sexual harassment, assault, and related misconduct while at Cornell.

A stratified, random sample of 6,000 students enrolled at our Ithaca and New York City-based Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell Tech campuses received email invitations to participate. A total of 2,238 students completed the survey for an overall response rate of 37 percent. This is almost double the 19 percent response rate from the 2015 survey.

Questions about campus policies and resources, and the context of sexual violence and bystander intervention, were revised from the first survey in 2015 to improve clarity and to offer a greater range of Cornell-specific response options. Therefore, it is not possible to directly compare results for many items on the surveys. The university posted the findings of the 2017 Cornell Survey of Sexual Assault and Related Misconduct on Oct. 24, 2017.

New York state law (129-B) requires that all in-state universities conduct a survey of campus sexual violence every two years. These surveys are valuable tools to help the university assess where its resources can most effectively be applied as we continue to work to educate our students and effectively prevent these incidents from occurring. Cornell remains committed to providing the leadership, tools, and resources needed to promote safe campuses and to foster collective efforts to eliminate these behaviors.

2017 Survey Results


2015 Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct

Cornell participated in the 2015 Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct as part of a consortium of 27 colleges and universities organized by the Association of American Universities (AAU). The 2015 survey, which was hosted externally and conducted as a population survey, yielded useful baseline information about the prevalence and context of campus sexual violence.

 2015 Survey Results

Statement from Former President Garrett
• Executive Summary
• Full Report and Tables

A Closer Look at Cornell Survey Results: Brief Reports

These brief reports focus on particular aspects of Cornell’s Campus Climate Survey results.
The first three reports in the series are below:

AAU Aggregate Survey Results
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